Nokia CDMA 1255 unlocking

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Steps for 1255 unlocking

1. Open flasher 70467077_RH79CCS3R021
run installer
2. Copy crack.exe to C:\Program Files\Nokia\CCS3 Tool pl overwrite
3. Open crack exe.
4. Open readme file : 1255~CRACK
5. Now register the crack exe by >>>>>>>>> Name = chevli
key = N7YG-E6J5-HE7L

6. Create a desktop short key of crack.exe
7. Read spc from the handset by bitpim or cdmaworkshop through universal efs method > section 0002
8. Now power on the handset and click crack.exe let it detect ur handset
9. Click ok use spc to login the software.
10. Go to user data option browse to desktop or any folder u like.
11. Create a backup of locked 1255 to that path.
dont close software.
12. Now simply copy and overwrite attached oemconfig to the newly created backup.
Simply click on restore and restore this new backup to ur locked 1255.

enjoy !



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